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Org Italian Pasta - White Conchiglie (shells)

WAS: £2.49

NOW: £1.99

Dillon Org G/f Bread ~ Sliced/Olive

WAS: £4.79

NOW: £3.85

Also on offer
Biona Org Italian Pasta - White Rigatoni *NEW*  WAS £2.49  NOW £1.99 
 Biona Org Italian Pasta White Farfalline/Farfalle (bows)  WAS £2.49  NOW £1.99
Dillon Org G/f Bread ~ Sliced/Seeded 275G/4PK   WAS £4.79  NOW £3.85 
Dillon Org Keto Bread ~ Beetroot 250G   WAS £4.99  NOW £3.99 
Dillon Org Keto Bread ~ Chia Flax 250G   WAS £4.99  NOW £3.99  
Dillon Org Keto Bread ~ Original Flax 250G   WAS £4.99  NOW £3.99    
G&B Dark Chocolate 70% 

WAS: £2.49

NOW: £1.65

G&B Dark Chocolate 85% 
WAS: £2.49
NOW: £1.65 
Also on offer 
G&B Dark Chocolate - Ginger 90g WAS: £2.49 NOW: £1.65
G&B Dark Chocolate - Hazelnut & Curran 90g WAS: £2.49 NOW: £1.65 
G&B Milk Chocolate (original) 90g   WAS: £2.49 NOW: £1.65 
G&B Milk Chocolate - Butterscotch 90g WAS: £2.49 NOW: £1.65 
G&B White Chocolate 90g WAS: £2.49 NOW: £1.65 
 Zest Vegan Basil Pesto
(L) 340g  
WAS: £5.49
NOW: £3.59 
Tomato Mushroom & Smoked Garlic Pasta Sauce
WAS: £2.99
NOW: £1.99
Also on offer 
Zest Coriander & Basil Pesto 165g WAS: £3.29  NOW: £2.29 
Zest Vegan Basil Pesto [S] 165g  WAS: £3.29  NOW: £2.29
Zest Tomato Basil Oregano Pasta Sauce 340g WAS: £2.99  NOW: £1.99
Greenlife Coarse Bombay Mix [L] 500g WAS: £3.75 NOW: £2.83
Greenlife Org Red Lentils 500g WAS: £2.45 NOW: £1.89
Greenlife Pitted Prunes (No Soak) 250g WAS: £2.38 NOW: £1.8
Faith Aloe Vera & Tea Tree Hand Wash 
WAS: £4.60
NOW: £3.15 
Also on offer 
Faith Grapefruit & Orange Hand Wash 400ml  WAS: £4.60  NOW: £3.15 
Faith Lavender & Geranium Hand Wash 400ml   WAS: £4.60  NOW: £3.15 
Faith Wild Rose Hand Wash 400ml   WAS: £4.60  NOW: £3.15 
AVogel Dormeasan Sleep  
WAS: £11.99
NOW: £9.99
NEW Zooki Liposomal
Vitamin C 
60 Capsules 
WAS: £24.99
NOW: £19.99
AllicinMax 100% Allicin Powder
180 vcaps
WAS: £35.99
NOW: £32.99 
Floradix Magnesium
WAS: £10.79
NOW: £9.49 
Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend
90 Capsules 
WAS: £23.99
NOW: £19.99
Udo's Choice Organic Ultimate Oil Blend 
WAS: £26.99
NOW: £22.99
The Good Guru Shilajit Range

The Good Guru`s Shilajit resin is harvested from the mountains of Himalayas in Gilgit- Baltistan at high altitude and provided in purified resin form. The resin is non-GMO, chemical free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Discover the Amazonian Wisdom for Modern Wellbeing

Reconnecting with Nature:A Path to Holistic Wellbeing

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it's easy to forget our deep connection with nature. However, more and more studies show that spending time outdoors can have tremendously positive effects on our physical and mental health. Indigenous cultures of the Amazon have known these benefits for centuries, living in harmony with their natural surroundings. Here are some ways you can reconnect with nature and enhance your overall wellbeing, inspired by the practices of these ancestral communities.


1. Immersion in Nature

For the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, the forest is much more than a place; it's a source of life and spirituality. Spending time in natural settings, such as forests or parks, allows you to absorb the sounds, smells, and sights of nature. This immersion has been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and improve mood.


2. Therapeutic Gardening

Amazonian communities cultivate their own food using sustainable techniques passed down through generations. Planting, caring for, and watching your own plants grow can be an extremely rewarding experience. Additionally, growing your own food can improve your diet and promote healthier eating habits.


3. Connection Rituals

Rituals and ceremonies in nature are an essential part of life in many Amazonian cultures. Practising mindfulness outdoors, guided meditations, or deep breathing exercises in a park or your garden can help reduce anxiety, improve concentration, and enhance your sense of wellbeing.


4. Regular Walks

Regular walks in nature can be a powerful way to clear your mind and recharge. Even a brief 20-minute walk can work wonders for your mental health, reducing cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and boosting endorphins. Amazonian communities often traverse long distances in the forest, allowing them to stay connected with their environment.


5. Eco-Therapy

Eco-therapy is based on the premise that being in contact with nature can be therapeutic. Activities such as hiking, bird watching, or simply spending time by a river or lake can be profoundly rejuvenating. These moments of connection with the natural environment can help you find inner balance and greater peace of mind.


6. Reduce Screen Time

In our digital age, it's important to disconnect from screens and reconnect with the natural world. Dedicate time each day to step away from electronic devices and engage in outdoor activities. This will not only reduce eye strain but also allow you to enjoy the revitalising benefits of nature.


7. Incorporate Natural Elements at Home

If time or circumstances limit your access to nature, consider incorporating natural elements into your home. Indoor plants, water features, and decorations made from natural materials can bring a sense of serenity and vitality to your living space. Amazonian communities often integrate natural elements into their dwellings to maintain a connection with their surroundings.

Reconnecting with nature is not only a way to improve our health and wellbeing but also a reminder of our responsibility to care for the planet. By making nature an integral part of our lives, we not only benefit ourselves but also contribute to the conservation of our environment for future generations. 



Written by Edson Acero

Content Creator at Greenlife Ltd, Totnes

Founder of The Orinoco Project

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